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Lottery Sambad Result 6:00 PM

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The winner list of Lottery Samabd results at 6 PM is most popular in the states of West Bengal and Nagaland lottery schemes. The majority of people buy lottery tickets for 6 PM results, and daily at a fixed time, results are live announced and then published in pdf files in Lottery Sambad. Each ticket has a unique serial number, and millions of tickets are printed to reach the maximum number of people.

The government institutes hold the authority of limited states where the lottery is allowed, and tickets are sold at a minimum of six Indian Rupees. Government officials and directors collect funds to complete the prize money to reduce poverty in the country. The tickets for different lotteries schemes can be purchased from local dealers and online authentic dealer agents. Many luckiest people are getting huge prizes daily, and you can also buy these Lottery Sambad tickets to become a fortunate member.

Results at 6 PM of Lottery Sambad on Day Names

The lottery at 6 PM is also known as a series of Dear Lottery, and each day is popular with the name of a unique lottery name. The lottery names are given below:

  • Dear Sun Monday Lottery Announces on Monday
  • Dear Moon Tuesday
  • Dear Mercury Wednesday
  • Dear Venus Thursday
  • Dear Earth Friday
  • Dear Mars Saturday
  • Dear Jupiter Sunday

Prize Distribution for 6 PM Tickets

The prize distribution of Lottery Sambad results is similar to other prizes of West Bengal and other popular schemes. Hundred of tickets are printed to sell on a daily basis, and the result counts will start after the first ticket is sold. These tickets have particular series names from serial numbers 00000 to 99999 with different series orders. 

The result files include the luckiest serial numbers; you can match the given number with your ticket numbers. The prize distribution is divided into five prizes: the 1st prize is a total worth of 1 crore rupees, the 2nd prize is at 9000, the 3rd prize is at 500, the 4th result at 250, and the final 5th result is at 100 or 120 rupees.

  • The consolation money is provided to each member, one thousand rupees. T
  • his amount is awarded as trust building and for disappointment and loss of any person’s money in spending on ticket purchasing. 

Lottery Sambad

Check & Collect Your Lottery Prize

In Lottery Sambad, you can check results on a daily basis with accurate information, and you can download the pdf file or get the application to check the results regularly. The winner will provide the original copy of the ticket with an identity card and passport-size pictures to the authorized dealers and get your prize in a limited time.


Lottery Sambad always focuses on providing the evening results at 6 PM, and sometimes due to technical errors, you can face delays in result uploading. All information is directly similar to the printed tickets, and you can also check the previous results of 6 PM results or the results of other lottery tickets from different states.


How to check the Lottery Sambad Results at 6 PM?

You can check the Lottery Sambad Site to get daily results at a fixed time of 6 PM in provided link and download the file to view your results.

What are other times to display the results of Lottery Sambad?

Three results are announced daily on Lottery Smabad at 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM with different ticket numbers.

Can we access the old results of Lottery Sambad?

All previous results are available with pdf links in Lottery Sambad, and you can access any time and date results of lotteries.