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Lottery Samabad (লটারি সংবাদ) is a lottery portal popular in India to distribute money in different prizes to serve the nation and move towards better life experiences. Government officials arrange the system of Lottery Smabad, and various directors honestly handle the real money and prize system. There are almost two categories of lottery systems, i.e. the government and private lottery and multiple dealers dealing with the public in offline and online prize systems.

Lottery Sambad has been serving people with accurate lottery results for a long time, and you can find and search your lottery tickets and results in any state on time. The results are declared daily, and prizes are distributed among ticket holders three times. 

Allowed States for Lottery System

Lottery prizes are not allowed in all states of India; some particular states have allowed people to participate in these lotteries and buy different tickets according to their resources. Almost 13 states have permitted the lottery system; some major states are Assam, Kerala, Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland, West Bengal, and Mizoram states.

Lottery Sambad covers all these states, and daily lottery lists are given in proper time, and you can search your result according to the purchased tickets of any state lottery. We provide three results daily, and each state has given different names for these three lucky divisions and check live results to test your luck.

Announcement Timings For Lottery Samnad Results

You can check the result of Lottery Sambad of any lottery state three times daily, and the timings for results are:

  • Lottery Sambad 1 PM
  • Lottery Sambad 6 PM
  • Lottery Smabad 8 PM

 These timings are also known as the Lottery Sambad day, evening, and night results. The results allowed for the minimum number of participants to save the waste of money, and targeted cash is given to daily winners.

Weekly Lottery Sambad Names

The weekly names for lottery results are different in each state, and other names are popular for these draw names. We are providing the most common names for each lottery timing according to the announcement timing of each day:

  • Morning Lottery Names: 

The lottery draws names for the morning results of Lottery Sambad are named Dear Morning, and the additional name of each day is attached for the convenience of lottery users. 

The dear Ganga morning is the name of the Monday morning lottery name Dear Teesta for Tuesday morning, Dear Torsa for Wednesday Morning, Padma for Thursday morning, Hooghly for Friday morning, Kosai for Saturday morning, and Pdmodar for Sunday morning.

  • Evening Lottery Names:

There are also so many names of Lottery Sambad evening lottery tickets, and unique names for each day are given below:

Dear Sun for Monday, Dear Moon for Monday, Dear Mercury for Wednesday, Venus for Thursday, Dear Earth for Friday, Mars for Saturday, and Jupiter as Sunday evening timings.

  • Night Lottery Names:

The night tickets are drawn at 8 PM, and each lottery day is popular with a different name, such as Dear Flamingo Evening for Monday, Parrot for Tuesday, Eagle for Wednesday, Falcon for Thursday, Vulture for Tuesday, Friday, Ostrich for Saturday and Hawk for Sunday night. The words of the dear evening are almost used every day for night tickets.

Prize Distribution of Lottery Sambad

While participating in the Lottery Sambad, users should be aware of prize distribution and the total number of members for each prize. Different states provide almost similar prize numbers; you can get each lottery ticket with Rs/. 6 or more. The main aspect of Lottery Sambad is the consolation prize given to each participant who has yet to win any ticket or gets disappointed in regular ticket buying.

A total of five prizes are drawn for each lottery, and the distribution for the first prize is one crore rupees, the second prize is 9000, the third prize is 500, the fourth prize with 250 rupees, and the fifth prize with 100 rupees. The consolation prize is 1000 rupees for every ticket holder whenever they want to withdraw from the lottery game.

Lottery Sambad

Claim Your Prize to Directive Authority

The tickets of Lottery Sambad are printed with particular serial numbers, and each ticket has a unique number. The result of each lottery includes the list of serial numbers of winners, and you can match the given numbers with your serial number. In case you have won the lottery ticket, you can fill out the claim form and send it to the Director authority of the state lottery and get your prize within 60 days.


Lottery Sambad provides the relevant and correct result of each lottery thrice daily, and you can download or view the result file to check your result. The result is shown almost quickly; you can also check the old and search date wise results in detail. You can mark our Lottery Samabad for the search of authentic lottery results with proper HD quality results in files on a fixed time.


From where can I buy lottery tickets for any state?

You can get lottery tickets of your demanded state offline and online from local and online authorized dealers.

In which Indian States is Lottey allowed?

The lottery system is allowed in a total of 13 states of India that are Assam, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland, West Bengal, and Mizoram states and each state has a particularly unique name for lottery schemes.

Who are eligible to buy lottery tickets?

Almost every citizen of India living in the allowed state lottery system is eligible to buy tickets. They must have that particular state's domicile and ID card to claim the lottery prizes.